Albuquerque Party Bus Events

Party Buses are a great option for Albuquerque and its surrounding communities for just about any purpose! As you may already know, we're experienced in taking on weddings, bachelorette parties and proms but we are also able to provide your transportation for such outings as cultural tours of the city, nights out on the town, sightseeing tours and much more! To give you some ideas as to what you can use our recently-updated party buses for, we've created the list below. It is a short run-down of our most common events.

Cultural & Art Tours

Albuquerque is home to more than 100 art galleries and studios. Many of our clients like to visit some of the most popular local galleries, followed by taking in a play and/or going to dinner at one of our many great establishments. Party buses are a great option for events like these because you never have to worry about having to meet anyone there (everyone is on board with you), traffic and parking aren't a concern and the rides in between are filled with fun entertainment. We regularly take our customers to the SE-OC Gallery, the South Broadway Cultural Center, Sumner & Dene Creations in Art, John's Western Gallery and plenty other places. Are drivers are knowledgeable about any place that you may choose for your day out!

Outdoor Sightseeing Trips

There are captivating views of New Mexico all over and sometimes, we'd like to go with the whole family and just worry about taking in the sights, taking photos and enjoying ourselves. Well, that's when it's time to hire a party bus from Albuquerque Party Bus. Let our chauffeurs take you all to the Sandia Peak Eirial Tramway, La Luz Trail, Valles Caldera National Preserve and/or wherever else you've seen and never gotten the chance to visit.

Birthday Parties

Albuquerque is a great place to go out and enjoy a night out with a group of your friends. Celebrate with a decorated, roomy luxury vehicle that is filled with amenities. Albuquerque is rated as the "top ten foodie cities" so, use some of the extra time you'll save by renting the party bus to visit any of our local eateries.

Historic Destination Trips

Rich in history, our city is just plain interesting. You can take Route 66 around the city and Historic Old Town Plaza and, by renting a party bus from us, you will all laugh and have fun in the many jaunts in between your chosen destinations.


We provide the special rates, package inclusions and vehicles to make your wedding all the more memorable. Call us today for information on what we offer and how we can assist you in making at least our part of your wedding planning simple!

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